Project Execution Explained

  • Project Execution has a broad definition to a number of industries.  

In general, Project Execution is the effective and efficient delivery of the requested services and/or products, including integrated products, according to a project plan, while evaluating and monitoring eventualities occurring during execution of the project taking into consideration evaluations, changes, and costs resulting when practical issues arise until ultimate successful completion of the project.

The project plan describes the method, objectives, critical issues, risks, organization, strategy, and controls as well as the operation and maintenance of the project.  

Achievement of project objectives occurs through the project plan’s definition and description of milestones as well as assignment of personal responsible for achievement of specified tasks. 

Organizing the team with an accountable project leader assists in scheduling the project, identifying areas of improvement in completing the project, and motivating personnel to keep and use an completion focused on-time attitude. Maintaining personnel moral during a problems or changes faced in completing a project helps to ensure the deliverable or project objective is realized in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

From coordinating the project to meeting with the customer throughout the execution phase, the project leader maintains flexibility with an eye on costs, while evaluating work performed to meet project objectives and goals.  

Ultimately, processes and guidelines are established to document project results and ensure efficient project execution.  Using a project methodology consisting of milestones, steps, phases, and quality controls, cultivates personnel skill development as well as assists in responding to changes and risks arising during the project.

Establishing sequential process requirements through identified steps describing inputs and outputs to attain or surpass objectives, and milestones ensures quality project execution.

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