What We Do

Project Execution Services LLC is a service provider assisting businesses throughout the United States and the world.

Our Company provides superior project execution solutions to clients who supply the electric power generation industry with specialized personnel and services, including owners, general contractors, and specialty sub-contractors.

Our Company provides services on a range of matters relevant to our client’s business and organizational needs.  We seek to assist your organization in achieving its goals, while suggesting a few ourselves.

Organizations require solutions to emerging situations occuring everyday

We assist a company in solving problematic circumstances when they arise.

We innovate, decisively responding to challenging concerns and questions, while providing company owners or executives useful assistance to manage diverse and challenging responsibilities.

From project stability to achieving good project outcomes, Project Execution Services LLC’s support will help you achieve best practice, because it comes from project management experts.

We are not novices

From holding executive management positions at both large scale public and private companies to counseling, creating, and assisting in the operation of international and entrepreneurial businesses, the executives of our Company possess useful knowledge to apply to your organization’s particular needs and issues.

In addition to their practical experience, our executives hold advanced academic degrees aiding in their analytical approach to assisting your organization and meeting your service or project needs.

Supplementing our executives are specialist individuals who possess extensive market segment expertise gained through decades of service within their field (in actual project and task activities both off and on-site).  We engage specialist personnel based upon your needs and objectives.

We believe when focus and performance are aligned, superior results occur for a  business’  employees, customers, and stakeholders.

We utilize INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY MODELservices to provide customers facing challenging issues an integrated solution consisting of:

alternative solutions;

initial and final conclusions;

contract and procurement facilitation;

insight into final execution; and

ultimate closure.

Our ability to rely on the combined background experience of the Company’s executives is a unique benefit available to our customers.

We possess extensive practical experience in exercising senior management decision-making responsibilities, project management oversight, and supervising all aspects of day-to-day activities as well as in the provision and management of operations associated with contracted services.

We are here to assist your organization

Our goal is to provide your organization the ability to enhance your capabilities as a full service provider capable of meeting all of your customer’s needs.

Project Execution has a broad definition to a number of industries.

In general, Project Execution is the effective and efficient delivery of the requested services and/or products, including integrated products, according to a project plan, while evaluating and monitoring eventualities occurring during execution of the project taking into consideration evaluations, changes, and costs resulting when practical issues arise until ultimate successful completion of the project.

The project plan describes the method, objectives, critical issues, risks, organization, strategy, and controls as well as the operation and maintenance of the project.

Achievement of project objectives occurs through the project plan’s definition and description of milestones as well as assignment of personal responsible for achievement of specified tasks.

Organizing the team with an accountable project leader assists in scheduling the project, identifying areas of improvement in completing the project, and motivating personnel to keep and use an completion focused on-time attitude. Maintaining personnel moral during a problems or changes faced in completing a project helps to ensure the deliverable or project objective is realized in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Ultimately, processes and guidelines are established to document project results and ensure efficient project execution.  Using a project methodology consisting of milestones, steps, phases, and quality controls, cultivates personnel skill development as well as assists in responding to changes and risks arising during the project.

Establishing sequential process requirements through identified steps describing inputs and outputs to attain or surpass objectives, and milestones ensures quality project execution.

Our Company is comprised of individuals with, collectively, almost 60 years of actual hands-on experience in the day to day planning, operation, and execution of large scale projects and staff augmentation in the commercial nuclear industry as well as in the general commercial business arena.  We possess relevant actual experience in matters our customers confront.

We augment your organization’s management system and workforce to help ensure it meets all your internal or customer’s present and future requirements. Examples of the services we provide appear on our Services Page.

Our Vision: Global Leader in Project Execution

Our Mission: Safe, Effective, Efficient Project Execution

Our System: One Team, Owner Lead, Process Disciplined, Execution Focused, Continuous Improvement

Let us know if we can help your company or contact us to inquire whether our Company can assist you with your particular situation or issue.

Project Execution Services LLC is a specialty service provider serving divergent businesses to enable partner companies to achieve their fullest potential. 

Our relationship results in the sharing of information for the joint purpose of delivering substantive services and providing practical augmentation to workplace needs. Whether you are reviewing a request for proposals or determining the reasonable cost of a project, our relationship provides guidance on how to complete these transactions in a professional and protective manner. 

  • The goal is assurance of cost-effective compliant timely project execution.

Our Company provides useful assistance to a company owners or executives in managing diverse and challenging responsibilities. Companies do business with people and fostering relationships is necessary for a productive and successful enterprise.

Ensuring each party maintains those relationships is the goal of any business relationship and reflects the expectations of the parties.  Navigating competing interests to find common ground is the vocation of the businessman, while protecting discovered interests is part of our Company’s skill set.

  • Issues arise unexpectedly and often at inopportune times. Our Company provides customers with pertinent timely information concerning the situation and its effects.

Communication of vital information occurs across a broad spectrum of factual scenarios. Flexibility and responsiveness to ever changing circumstances are necessary traits in the on-demand world of today. Utilization of our services facilitates navigation through procedural and administrative labyrinths.

  • We provide detachment and logical analysis essential to determine a matter.

Review the following services listing, which are not exhaustive, but illustrate the types of services our Company undertakes.  

  • We assist businesses, their owners, executives, and managers by producing practical service solutions to everyday situations. If you have any questions or want to know if we consult on matters not listed here, then kindly contact us for further discussions and details.

  • Manpower

    Companies involved with manpower personnel placement throughout the United States. Particularly, our Company provides:

    • Management team development;
    • Recruiting;
    • Security efforts;
    • Contract management;
    • Human resources;
    • Strategic business planning;
    • Operational planning;
    • Sales planning; and
    • Organizational plans

  • Executive

    President, CEO, COO, and VPs undertaking project evaluation or management, entry into new markets, or expansion into existing markets. Our Company assists with:

    • Strategy;
    • Operations;
    • Mergers and Acquisitions;
    • Human Resources;
    • Deal Evaluation;
    • Procedure Writing;
    • Proposal Assessment;
    • Business Plans;
    • Case Summaries;
    • Project Estimating; and
    • Market Studies

  • Nuclear

    Companies providing services to commercial nuclear sites throughout the United States in such areas as large scale maintenance and modification projects and support personnel.  Particularly, our Company provisions Professional Technical Services including:

    • Radiological Services;
    • Professional Staffing Services;
    • Quality Control Services;
    • Staff Augmentation Services; and
    • Remote Surveillance Technology Services

  • Fossil

    Companies providing services to commercial fossil sites throughout the United States.  Particularly, our Company procures union / non-union Workforce Planning and Development including:

    • Recruiting;
    • Staffing; and
    • In-processing of personnel

  • Bespoke/Custom

    The Company also engages in customizable solutions for particular customers whose needs are specialized, specific, and limited in time duration. We use our practical operational expertise to provide a workable solution, like an outsourced management team, to the client.

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